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AC means Air Cooling? Misguided!

When the weather is hot then people are more like to move indoors than outdoors. Not just enough to get there. They also pamper themselves from the waves by turning on the air conditioner. Well if you also have air conditioning at home, it would be better if you routinely perform service at for your air conditioner remains excellent when used. Well apart from that, if AC is not Air Conditioning, then what? Here’s the review!

AC, Heat Repellent
AC until now becomes a favorite tool to dissipate the heat in the move. In the past, air conditioners were mostly used by office buildings. Now, air conditioners are everywhere. AC is considered as an air conditioner. Misguided first and still attached to the present. Since the full name was already clear. AC (Air Conditioner), the translation is more or less an air conditioner. So, air conditioning is not an air cooling.

Air Conditioning
AC is an air conditioner, not a cooling device. If the air conditioner is placed in a closed room, then the circulating air is the only air in the room. In other words, it is twisting the air inside the space. What happened? Bacteria easily breed in the room.