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Educational Games For Child Craft Creativity

There are various games that can build the potential of the child, both to develop the ability of the brain and the coordination of physical movement, so they can always play and learn actively. Here are some games that can sharpen the brain and creativity of children!

Compose foam building blocks

Due to the variety of shapes and colors, this game is considered to be effective in stimulating the creativity and concentration of the child. In the Lego game, in each section, there are many holes that must be installed in advance of each other in order to be formed as desired. While in the game foam building blocks, there are various forms of wake space that each part can be arranged according to the desired shape. Both Lego and foam building blocks have a variety of colors that can hone the creativity of children to combine with each other.

Construct words
This game is played by some people who sit in a circle. One of them mentions one word and is connected to the person next to it. Participants must make good and connected sentences and have to mean. The challenge of this game is that each participant must remember the words newly added by the previous friend. Inviting children involved in this game will enrich their vocabulary, train the child fluently to speak and stimulate his memory.

Drawing and Coloring
These two activities are the simplest and can be tailored to the age of the participants. Usually just use the main material of paper, pencil and color pencil or crayon is always popular with children. Young children can play by coloring the images that have been provided. While the older child can pour his imagination by drawing.