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Factor that Causes Toothache

Lots of factors that cause someone to feel a toothache. Either because it is natural or due to the treatment of the cleanliness of his teeth. You can visit Spring Oaks Dental to get the best treatment. Here are some reasons for a toothache:

– Dental Damage

This is the most common problem suffered by people who complain of a toothache. The existence of a hole through the tooth enamel to the inner layer of the tooth. The existence of these cavities makes the sensitivity of the teeth increases. Finally, it becomes very painful. The presence of cavities can trigger the infection. Even until the pulp tissue is determined. Some even fester. You will reduce your speech. Because of this pain will also be more pain when you try to talk. Your head also feels dizzy. So be lazy to do activities or activities.

– Inflammatory gums

The presence of gingivitis is usually due to infection. It is capable of causing the gums to become red, then swell. Even worse until bleeding. Usually, the problem is inflammation not only in the gums but also the tooth bone that causes swelling in the tissue of the fetal gear. Swollen gums are called gingivitis.