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The simple manual ways to clean your carpet

Carpets are one of the easiest dirty household utensils for being trampled every day but are most rarely washed. Most often only in the dust only periodically. In the meantime, you can also visit if you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaning company.

Washing carpets can be done either manually by spraying and brushing hands or by washing in the washing machine. Depending on the shape, size of the area of the carpet and the weight. Do not forget to note also the strength of woven yarn fiber construction, especially on the edge of the carpet. Be careful if the carpet has been fragile either partially let alone the whole. Especially for fragile carpets, you should not take risks, immediately notify or returned to the owner, before washing.


Carpet on the floor, then suck or remove the dust by using a vacuum cleaner machine. We recommend using wet & dry type vacuum cleaner machine, so it can be used to vacuum and can also be used to suck water.

After the dust is gone, spread the carpet by hanging on the clothesline made of bamboo or iron pipe with a strong enough support, or May also be held on the floor.

Spray the carpet with cold water. It would be better if using a pressurized sprayer, as is used to wash cars or motorcycles, so that dirt and dust can be more leverage issued.

Next use soap or detergent used to wash clothes. But if you want to wear carpet shampoo, also there is no harm.

Brush with hand or brush stalked gently on the dirty carpet. Do not brush too hard so the fur does not fall out.

Once clean, do rinsing with a spray that is not hard (soft), and let the water carry all the dirt off the carpet. Repeat this rinse, until the carpet is clean of soap and dirt.

Give a softener (softener) in a way dissolved with enough cold water, as needed.
Dry the carpet by hanging in the wind-wind in a place not directly exposed to sunlight so that the carpet hair is not rough, but the air circulation is good enough, so the carpet does not smell.

After the carpets are sprinkled with baking soda or baking soda (to remove the smell while absorbing moisture). Let a few moments then clean the baking soda before by sucked vacuum cleaner machine until clean.

Wake up the feathers (if necessary) by brushing them with a soft plastic brush.

Roll or fold the carpet to a predefined standard, then insert it into a plastic bag wrap to avoid getting dirty from dust. Spray perfume (if necessary), before the wrapping plastic is closed.