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Simple steps for solving errors in Android programming

Surely we must know step by step why the error appears when we try to compile (running) project. Usually, only a small problem, can be fatal. Such as naming errors files or syntax, when we apply the line of instructions (coding). Because the Android Application program, using the Java programming language which where the name is case-sensitive, distinguish between uppercase and small. Error file names will usually be marked with color red, in Android Studio. In the meantime, you can go to if you’re looking for a recommended android programming training.

Check each file.

Secondly, when the error appears, we can check each file. Is there an incorrect line of instructions (coding) we forgot to set something up. As in the AndroidManifest.XML file, if the application we use internet connection, for example, we must apply for the User Permission on the AndroidManifest.XML file. In the build.gradle do we forget to import the library in the dependencies section so the error appears? And others.

Using build> Clean

Third, sometimes I often experience this, when an Application program is correct line of instructions (coding) it. But suddenly when we want to compile – running project, popup window Application cannot run. Usually, this happens error on R. Java. We can use build on the toolbar menu in Android Studio, then select Clean Project.