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Common Myths and Facts about Fur Carpets

Keep in mind that carpet care is the thing that you need to do, one of which is to wash routine at in every 6 months. In addition, buying a carpet was not easy. In determining the best carpet choices, it often requires knowledge. Here are the important facts and myths about the different types of carpets that must be known before buying!

Myths and facts 1: Machine-made carpets versus handmade carpets
Handmade rugs with weaving techniques by skilled hands make them stronger and more durable than machine-made carpets.

Myths and facts 2: Silk carpets mean pure silk
The best tip to find out whether the carpet you buy is pure silk or synthetic carpet is to do a ‘burning test’.

Myths and facts 3: Carpets can only be cleaned in laundry
The most advised to clean the carpet, especially the fur carpet is to submit it to a specialist service. The reason is the usual laundry using chemicals to clean the carpet. And it can risk damaging the texture and color of the carpet.