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Land price and its certificates have to be clear

Determining the price of land to be sold certainly not arbitrary. You can use the instruments and factors above to determine the price. The better the facilities around the area, the higher the price can be determined. Meanwhile, for price negotiations, you will certainly expect the buyer to agree to the price you are offering. To make potential buyers agree, then convince them with a favorable reason to buy the land. In the meantime, you might also want to take a look at the recommended commercail landlord insurance as well.

By providing a strong reason to the buyer, the buyer will be affected and agree on the price you have offered. Mention the facilities and benefits they get if they buy this land, so the buyer will feel they have bought the proper land for the price.

It’s just that, when mentioning the superiority of the land, never lie and exaggerate. Because later on, this will make the buyer feel cheated, and this can damage your reputation as a land seller.

Unlike the case when you’re looking to buy land to invest. You should be able to find shortcomings and also many weaknesses of the land.

The shortcomings can range from location, size, shape, direction, and other factors. That way, you can bargain the price offered by the seller.

Not only that, Mia you know the various shortcomings that exist from the land to be purchased, you can also take into account the cost to repair if later you actually buy the land.

Land Letters and Legality Must Be Clear and Complete

You need to ensure the legality of the land before buying land. This is important because there are many types of land rights.

Ranging from lease rights, use rights, property rights, and others. If you are planning to buy land to own it, then you should buy land that is legal ownership of the land.

So, the next thing you should do is make sure that the letter and certificate of land to be purchased is clearly authentic and also complete its validity.

For this matter, you should ask the notary or related officials who are more expert in this field. That way, you do not have to worry about the legality of the land.