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Habits That Lead To Immunity Decrease

1. Lack of sleep
It is important to get a good rest time to ensure your immune system is functioning properly. When sleeping, the body is able to restore and refuel, including the immune system. If you limit the amount of bedtime consistently, you have put yourself at a higher risk of getting infections and serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. Well to restore your immune back then it would be better if you take supplements of seaweed as you can find at

2. Too much exercise
Excessive physical activity can cause problems with the cardiovascular system and can burden the immune system. Remember, enough rest time for recovery is just as important for the immune system as it does with adequate exercise.

3. Stress
If you are wondering how stress can lead to serious health conditions, here is the explanation. Stress can weaken the immune system. High levels of stress can create hormonal imbalances in your body, impair the functioning of the immune system that can affect the way the body in wound healing, and can even lead to more serious health conditions.