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Realizing Kampung Gaul, 131 Villages in Purwakarta Connected to the Internet!

Program Purwakarta Regent Dedi Mulyadi makes “Kampung Gaul” scattered throughout the village in Purwakarta seems to materialize this year. A total of 60 villages from a total of 131 villages in Purwakarta are now connected to the internet network. As is known, the program aims to create an internet-literate village in order to promote the potential and results of rural development can be published in real time.

The internet network used by villages in Purwakarta is a satellite network of trusted satellite internet providers such as that has been adapted to the typology of rural contours consisting of hills that are often difficult to receive signals.

Previously, the Government of Purwakarta District has provided WiFi spots scattered at several points in urban areas. Residents in and outside Purwakarta are free to access it via WiFi at several public places in Purwakarta. Therefore even though the internet cannot be accessed at their home but they are still able to connect the internet access at public places around Purwakarta.