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Affiliate Marketing, Small Business Capital Opportunity

There are many types of businesses that you can do right now. Jasa SEO Jakarta  But whatever the business, the most important thing you should prioritize is a promotion. By taking advantage of technological developments, media promotion with the help of Jasa SEO Jakarta, the media campaign will be effective.

Apart from that, affiliate marketing is also now becoming one of the popular business types. Simply affiliate can be interpreted as a marketing strategy that benefits both parties, whether it affiliaters (marketers) or the owner of the product. Affiliate marketers will market the product and make sales through a special link. Affiliate link you will get when you register as an affiliate marketer. When there are internet users who click on the link and make a transaction, then the owner of the affiliate link is entitled to get a commission from the sale of the product. Well, when you fill in the registration form you will be asked to fill in your full name, recipient’s name/account name, account number, full address, email, phone number, and so on. If you wish to pay out, money will be sent by the affiliate owner to your account or address.