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Consumption These Three Vegetables To Prevent Diabetes

Diabetics are required to consume a variety of foods that can regulate their sugar levels. Sugar levels are too high indeed very dangerous for people with diabetes. TakingĀ Drugs is also an important thing to watch out for. However, another thing to note is the food consumed. Not just diabetics, you who are in good health also need to consume some of these vegetables to prevent diabetes.

1. Spinach
In addition to helping digestion, spinach is also good for preventing diabetes. A study showed that consuming green vegetables lowered the risk of diabetes to 14 percent lower.

2. Cucumber
This vegetable turned out to have many functions that can nourish the body, some of its function is get rid of toxins, give vitamin intake, maintain digestive health, stabilize blood pressure. For the last function is a very appropriate function for people with diabetes.

3. Broccoli
Sulforaphane contained in this vegetable was able to renew the production of enzymes and protect blood vessels and prevent cell damage due to high levels of sugar in the blood.